We Recycle 70% of our Wash Water is Recycled
Participants of International and Regional Car Wash Conservation and Environement Programs
Recent Water Saving Improvements:
Hight efficiency soap, wax, and rinse arches
Front load towel washing machine
Microfiber towels incorporated reducing towel usage and cleaning
All bathrooms retrofitted with water saving fixtures
Hight tech product dispensing system saves 25%-50% water per application
Tunnel Controller with electronic eyes measures vehicle precisely, activating soap, wax and water arches with zero waste
Leak prevention:
Every water pipes, valve and backflow preventer replaced
Pressure regulators installed prior to all fixtured
Check valves installed on all water arches


Wastewater from washing your car in the driveway or street goes into our storm drains, polluting Monterey Bay with copper, zinc, and other contaminants.
We recycle and contain our wash water on the property
Dirt, sludge, and contaminants are disposed of property at a waste site
Our FUNdraising program provides an alternative for non-profit parking lot washes
Cigarette receptacles installed for customers and pedestrians

Energy Conservation

Replaced 77 lights with high efficiency fixtures and bulbs
Lighting timers and motion sensors installed on all new lights
Variable Frequency Drives installed, reducing energy consumption over 35%
High efficiency tank-less water heaters installed
New computerized tunnel controller, precisely measuring car, maximizing energy efficiency

Recent Recycling Improvements

Replaced plastic bags in receptacles with reusable trach can liners. Saving over 2000 plastic bags a year
Recycle receptacles throughout car wash
Replaces Styrofoam cups with Paper cups
Switched to Paperless billing where possible