- Hugh B.

"Friendly and efficient, El Estero was a terrific experience. As a non-local, I've driven by El Estero for years while passing through town, and it's always bustling. Had the occasion to use their services, and the popularity is well justified."

- Matt D.

"Fast, competitively priced, friendly, and we'll-performed service."

- Sandy G.

"Always the best car wash! My car was filthy from sitting under trees. It's beautiful again . Sparkling clean. These guys are fast, courteous and do a great job."

- Jen A.

"I have been coming here for over 20 years! 👌👍👍This is THE ONLY PLACE I GET MY CARS WASHED!!! I have never had a problem. Great customer service! Starting my week with a clean car makes me happy! Thanks, El Estero Car Wash, for always taking care of my cars. 💥Don't forget to tip! It's not an easy job to clean and dry cars all day, especially on a hot sunny day!"

- Evelyn M.

"Solid job on my dog fur filled car! Every time - assuming you have realistic expectations. They are quick with routine washes unless its peak time but even then im usually out within 20 min."

- Zosia F.

"Superb service, will go again"

- Linda H.

"They are the best in our area for a full service car wash and detailing business. The crew is efficient and friendly. I recommend them!"

- Tasha S.

"Very quick, and my car came out looking new. Great price, friendly employees. Definitely recommend to anyone!"

- Ulysses T.

"I love going here because they are efficient, great at what they do, and at a great value."

- Mason D.

"Great service, quick and easily. Very professional staff."

- Luisandrea D.

"Quality service always. From a quick exterior wash to an in-depth detail job, I can always trust El Estero to take care of my vehicle."

- Nicholas W.

"Best car wash on the peninsula. Excellent Prices. I like them!"

- Casey Y.

"The car wash choices are fairly priced for what you get, and the best part, in my opinion, (besides a very clean car) is that the service is super fast! I was very impressed."

- John V.

"This is amazing !!! I'm always pleased with their genuine service and staff. The only time I get mad is when guests are rude towards them and act entitled little sss I'm not going to say. We need to give them more credit. The staff is amazing! I'm a loyal customer. Keep it up guys! You guys rock!!!"

- Albert J.

"Good location and good service. It took much less time than I expected to get my car washed. Definitely recommend it!"

- Robert A.

"Been going here for a loooong time, always great service!"

- Daniel E.

"Excellent work, speedy service, reasonable prices"

- Laura A.

"Got a full detail on my dirty 2003 Civic on Saturday. Carpet stains & upholstery grime? Gone! Interior shampooed beautifully, dash & console look great. Even the exterior is protected & looks new! So happy, especially since their price was fair (checked around first!). Very courteous service, finished faster than expected. Highly recommend this car detailer! great value!"

- Esther P.

"Thank you to El Estero Car Wash & their staff for Skippy's first thorough cleaning, inside & out, since local businesses have reopened. So glad to patronize local businesses"

- John

"They did an excellent job cleaning up my car, which was crusted with beach sand, dog hair and assorted road dirt. I was in and out in about 15 minutes. They have plenty of courteous and friendly crew on hand. Well-stocked gift shop with lots and lots of cards for birthdays. Reasonable prices. If I lived here l'd definitely be back."

- Katie K

"I love this place! They work super hard and are very kind and welcoming. My car is always sparkling clean inside and out, and it brings me joy!"

- AkashaJ B

"This is the only full-service car wash I have gone to since I started driving in 2017. Nice people, amazing service! I usually get silver and end up paying around $30 and change. Always nice to tip the people washing your car for you. 2 carpets washed for $5, and it was well worth it. After every 10 washes, get a major discount on one! I'm working up to my 20th wash! Thank you"

- Kooyah PD.

"Love getting my car wash here, it just gets busy so you have to come when it's not. That also tells you it's a good business when it gets busy all the time. Also love their promos for frequent customer within a month, if you have more than 1 car it's worth it."

- Sardnas F

"Absolutely 💯! First time taking my car to this car wash, great job! And the time to take care of full service was also pretty fantastic! Spent a total 45mins, for a full car service, which included hand wax, and all the other trimmings! I showed my appreciation with a generous tip! $69 serv"

- Liam S.

"I had a great experience. It was only about 10 minutes but I still got great results for only around $30."

- Esther P.

"Thank you to El Estero Car Wash & their staff for Skippy's first thorough cleaning, inside & out, since local businesses have reopened. So glad to patronize local businesses"